The Defect Is Your Brain [prod. by Mac Demarco]

from by Este

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he was in the fifth grade she was in the sixth
just a year older but his confidence was shit
so every time he passed her he would never ask her
if she wanted to walk to her house and dance
cause his house was cramped with a drunk ass aunt
laying on the couch pretending to parent his ass
he was ashamed, inflamed with the prospect of that
but the prospect of her had improved in fact
cause she had just broken up with a dude named zach
an eighth grader with hairy arms and a rumored chest tat
in his room full of lava lamps he plotted his next move
a future media-deemed reign of terror terrorist act
who would have thought? maybe him
he swore he saw it in a dream once but maybe he didn't
he saw her at the mall and handed her the letter he had written
waiting for her response he sat there and listened
she stood there and glistened
she was so pretty when the sunlight hit em
hurry up and say something cute there misses
she looked up and sighed and asked for three wishes
bewildered he granted them she sat him down and managed him
told him about all the times her dad had damaged her
she wished for a new life a new dad a new plan
and figured he could help her out with exactly that
he gladly asked how, she calmly said now
there's a gun in my room a brand new 22
take it to his head and make it go boom
and we'll book a flight to alaska and go get a room
because you love me don't you? you need me don't you?
you said it in your letter 30 times your not a liar are you?
you'll do this for me and our future forever
cause baby theres nothing better than us being together

time waits for no man

he was in the fifth grade she was in the sixth
when the judge decided both of them were mentally sick
was it meant to be or were they both meant for hell
he had obsessed about for 20 years in his locked cell
when he got out he found a payphone and called her
figured if he got out then so did she he talked to her
she had gotten a job at a strip joint called knockers
but she told him to knock it off and to never call her
so he never did but from that point he had lost it
wondered what buying a gun would exactly cost him
he wanted to go out with a mother fucking bang
cause life is a bitch when the defect is your brain

life is a bitch when the defect is your brain


from It's A Miracle If This Is Finished, released February 15, 2017



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Este Portland, Oregon

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