Ice Cream Sandwiches [prod. by MF DOOM]

from by Este

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one time, one time.
one time, one time
i should be sleepin
should be knee deep in dreams and
self sabotage me until my dreams end,
self destructin till my lifes' gone the shits
and nothing's worse than a friend callin' it quits

but yo
here i am, man
rooted where i stand, man
lootin' gasoline cans ice cream sandwiches
i ain't being cute
the shit's all i eat
losing pounds quicker than a rabid rabbit on it's feet
carnivorous planners couldn't tell me where to meat
cause fuck it if i know what's a real need
cause fuck it if i know what's a good deed
cause hell's been wondering why yearbooks show up on its' newsfeed
but that aint even the half of it, my past and shit
cloudin' my vision like the last sticks 300 dicks
300 times I've said I'll do it and I don't
300 more I promise you I will but I won't
confused as i go from one place to the next
best to rest this chest for i am not blessed
address my salad days with spicy mustard sauce
be honest with yourself and let your ego take a loss
easy for me to say
hidin behind verses and fake apologay's
a probable cause is his plausible need for attention
attending shit that only serves to feed his pretention

and another one (one time, one time)
and another one (one time, one time)
and another one (one time, one time)

clueless in the kitchen
like he clueless with his bitches
businesses curious where his ambition is
finished with diminished friendships
lips livin' off licked shit potato chips
with a little sip of jizz
see man
dont' ever doubt my clever shit
always worried if im not the clever one
ill be forever shit
never ever trust a backstabber
i always look in the mirror
wondering why im unaware that i treat all my friends inferior
procrastinating everything from brushed teeth to rushed screepts
i'm dying inside from hushed secrets
bummed cigarettes to try to look coola'
eating fast food cause i cant manage my moola'
fool her into thinkin' you some sort of rula'
trying to shine brightly but i pissed off life's jewela
hula hooping myself and never gettin that far
truly pooping my talents and i cant even drive a car

look at cha
look at cha
look at cha


from It's A Miracle If This Is Finished, released February 15, 2017



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Este Portland, Oregon

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