Hypnotic Fitness [prod. by Haruomi Hosono]

from by Este

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The devil is skilled in the tricks of profit
I make it no concern i’m only driven by the process
Expression in my cockpit y’all can call me shaman
Solitude is solace nonconformist to the constant
Conscious of the herd and it’s so called progress
Went to sparring with my conscience i’m the rapping dali knowledge
I’m the future looking forward to the males being neutered
Cause i’m post masculine the potent poet boundary hassling
Chasing happiness is maddening so rather i’m just asking what is happening
I soak the moment then i own it taste the foam of moment’s ocean
Not talking fortunes, positions, dinners with exotic fishes
Wanna talk exotic business now that’s hypnotic fitness
Exercising third eye i’m a dance to trancing mystic
Meditating till i’m crickets meditating till i’m crickets
Bought the tickets to my funeral it looked like your cubicle
Cute girl slashing up my cuticles i’m mutable
Everchanging it’s the universe’s only way of playing
I love pleasure but hate satan i love pleasure but hate satan
And it’s been awhile since i’ve been dating
Cause pen to paper that’s me mating while you fucking im fucking making
Aiming for some naked truths that’s why i fuck you from the booth
Like ear-gasm, a near spastic phantom inner world you couldn’t fathom
Satisfactions i hardly have em cause it’s all for nothing
I’m alive now my veins is pumping passion to the brain
My progress no longer stunted my shit has been blunted
My shit has been blunted progress is no longer stunted
No longer stunted

This conditions endless
What do humans have for breakfast
Its just self destructive menace
Like some suicides and dentists
Its the norm
It’s the norm it’s the norm it’s the norm

The devil is skilled in the tricks of profit
I make it no concern cause i’ve been sleeping with a lochness
Her paradox is context and without it she’s just nonsense
I consume her daily spells like a daily dose of pollen
Hideous posture but has hair locks that are awesome
They’re thin and curly colored purple during sex they make me gurgle
Planting eggs in me through these things and now im fertile
And in return i listen to why existence is a circle
And a circus im but a function and a service
Nothing deeper than the surface she tells me to fuck a purpose
Now i’m nervous that these little lochie’s will be hurtful
They rushed outta me like bugs rushing through the jungle
My brother went to see them cause he’s the family uncle
And upon first sight he did a double take twice
Then he threw up and stormed out and crashed on his way home
The little fuckers did it cause they’re psychic in their dome
Now i’m stuck in this prison at their tentacle thrones
Until they see fit to eat me for my delicious set of bones
I insist they do it now and to not wait until im old
Just make it swift i dont wanna die no medical


from It's A Miracle If This Is Finished, released February 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Este Portland, Oregon

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