2DRUNK2FUCK [prod. by Baby Couch]

from by Este

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here i am at that motherfucking bus stop
see a pretty thang down the aisle that I must stop
busty she not, but I’m down to talk
she down too let’s get some food
maybe not my cock but coffee’ll do
we meet the next day a quarter to two
pouring that Portland coffee
feeling important confidence won’t stop me
dropping a naughty nod on her eyelids
high risk but she bought it
house invitation I’m on it
we talking and laughing we bonding
ain’t no one at her home now we fondling
i ask her where the condom is
she straight up said she don’t fuck with em
i’m like girl that’s irresponsible
i could have aids put you in a hospital
plus you getting pregnant ain’t impossible
but that’s alright cause you’se a dime
and usually i gotta wait for dimes
so for just this time i guess ill do it
i guess ill lay on my back like im Snoopy
but a lupe fiasco it hella seemed
seven minutes in with the hennesse
my dick ain’t working like a christmas tree
new years eve, i couldn’t believe
and neither could she
told her that i just needed to pee
came back in three ain’t working much
but a hunch telling me she needed a munch
and i hadn’t eaten lunch uh

too drunk to fuck
my dick doesn’t work
too crunk to get it up
my dick doesn’t work

i ask myself why this shit happen
eating poorly or too much fappin’
both are plausible according to this article
can’t have this defining my chronicles
twenty years of age for fucks sake
i should be fucking for fun or till my nuts ache
either way who’s to say what’s a norm
historically societies priorities ain’t important
but is that just me desperately
trying to please these insecurities
like any question no answers easy
so ill keep being me
meaning no sex and with STD’s i’m clean and free
settling for this celibacy
porn magazines i’m selling like three
transcending these earthly things
transcending or just being a bitch
honestly can’t tell the difference
is sex essential for the human condition
is it ever too late or can you actually miss it
did i miss it? can i fix this?
dare i dip in the abyss of craigslist?
shit I’ve posted some ad’s before
but nothing more I swears to ya
live from the wetless land area
you carry a vagina i’m scared of ya
homies asking questions hysteria
you want the truth fair enough


from It's A Miracle If This Is Finished, released February 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Este Portland, Oregon

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